The Ruby Walker Centre is the main building on site with a large, fully equipped kitchen, dishroom and dining hall MacSween Hall that seats 120.

RWC DeckRWC MacSween HallRWC Outside

RWC Kitchen 1RWC Kitchen 2

 RWC Dish RoomRWC Kitchen 3

RWC Floyd Hall




The lower level (Floyd Hall) has a large room perfect for indoor activities including meetings. Both the dining hall and the lower level have fireplaces. There is sleeping accommodation for 6 in the Ruby Walker Centre.





GH Outside




Gibson Hall provides a cozy atmosphere and is great for smaller group meetings or social time and includes a fireplace.






Mickey Centre




Mickey's Centre is one of the original buildings on the site and is used as the craft centre during the summer.  During the off-season it is great as an activity space with a small wood stove for quiet nights by the water.





ST Outside




The Staff Trailer has 4 bedrooms, each with 2 sets of bunks, for accommodation of 16, plus a lounge and washrooms.